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Mecklenburg Co. Deed 1854


Dirk Allman here again!  I found this old legal document in a scrapbook I purchased from a local fleamarket vendor, which contained quite a lot of Charlotte-Mecklenburg County, North Carolina history.  The oldest item in the whole lot, and I might add, the oldest piece of Mecklenburg County history that I have ever a deed, or "indenture" concerning a plot of land along Four Mile Creek or J M. Houston's Deed to W. P Houston--100 acres.  Gosh, after more than a century and a half, I know that this land must be very well-developed by now!  Below are scans of the actual document, along with my transcription of it, done as best as I can.  (The deed mostly consists of some very long run-on sentences!)  No doubt, some of the language is antiquated.  (Some things I can't make out, and thus, leave with a "(?)" by a word that I am unsure of.)  In fact, I can see that some of the words in the deed contain what used to be known as the German "f."  For instance, when the word "crossing" is used, the author would spell it "crofsing."  It was a form of spelling more common in the late 18th century, but, I am sure, was fading from use by this time.  The front page of the deed (the first photo) wasn't that hard to scan, but the last page of the deed, was written across the whole of the paper, completely unfolded out.  So, the only way I could get it on this page, was just to scan it in half.  A little confusing I know, but my transcription should be able to bear most everything out.  I have no doubts that family researchers and genealogists will jump on this old piece of evidence with aplomb.  And most likely, thanks to them, more information will be found out on the background of the people involved in this document.  (I'm curious as to what's on this land today!)  I will be more than happy to publish these findings.  Well gentle readers, enjoy going through a really rare piece of real estate law from Mecklenburg County, North Carolina...from the mid-Victorian year of 1854!  Enjoy!


"State Of North Carolina, this indenture made this the Mecklenburg Co., first day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred fifty four, Between John M Houston of the county of Meckenburg of the one part, and W. P. Houston, his son of the other part, witnefseth, that the said F M. Houston as well for and in consideration of the natural love and affection which he hath, unto the said W P Houston his Son, as also for the better maintenance and preferment of his Said Son, hath geven, gautea, alieved & confirmed and by these presents doth give, grant, aliei & confirm unto the Said S P Houston his Sons, all that tract or parcel of land Situated and being in the County & State aforesaid on the waters of Four Mile Creek and bordered as follows viz--Beginning at a Heap of Stones the old Beginning Corner and runs there N 33. & 124 poles to a B. O. thence L. 43, & 100 poles to a B. O. thence N. 24 & 38 poles to a B. O. thence S. 74 W. 92 poles to a P. O. thence L. 23 W 102 poles crofsing the big road to a Stake on the out side line, thence with the dividing line N. 72 W 196 poles crofsing a branch and a passing the B. O. Corner, and along the old line to the beginning Containing one hundred acres more or lefs.  Said land formerly sold by a Jeremiah Hood to John Patterson and by his executors conveyed to J. M. Houston by deed the 23rd of January 1834.  Together with all the appustenances (?), remainders reversions routs (?) and Services of the Said premises, and all the estate right title interest, claim and dewaua (?) whatsoever of his(?) the Said J M Houston in all to the Said lands and the Said premises only.  Nor in the hands of the Said J M Houston, to have and to hold the Said lands and premises, hereby give and gauranteed, unto the Said W P Houston his heirs and assigns and grant, to and with the Said W P Houston, his heirs, executors and adminstrators doth covenant peaceably and quietly, have, hold, occupy possefs enjoy the said lands and premises hereby given and granted, with all the appurtenaces (?) thereunto belonging, free, clear and discharged of and from all others gifts, grants, bargains, feoffments (?) Jointures and rents, and of and from all other titles, charges and incomberances whatsoever, had made or done, or to be had made or done by the said J. M. Houston his heirs, executors or administrators, or any other person or persons in virtue whereof the Said J. M. Houston hath herewith set his hand Seal the day and Year first above written

Signed, Sealed and Delivered in presence of                      John M Houston (Seal)

E. G. Grier
L.(?) S. Reid" 

Just a note here, due to this being a mid-19th century document, it is in the public domain.

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