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Old Carolina Christmas

Shown here are some vintage Christmas items, decorations and other ephemera, that I posted on my homepage for the Christmas Season of 2010.  I thought the items were so beautiful and nostalgic to behold, that I wanted to archive this page here within my website for future reference.  Most certainly this page will be more popular in the December, but it will at least be here for anybody who has Christmas memories and longings of this holiday...anytime of the year--Dirk Allman

Merry Christmas Season Number! 

The Christmas Season is upon us, and your webmaster, Dirk Allman, has been digging through his old tyme items to present you with a nostalgic Christmas from days gone by.  And yes, all of these items were found at local attic sales and fleamarkets in the Piedmont North Carolina area.  OK, here they are for your enjoyment.

Found at a church attic sale, I went to some ages back, is a box of five unused, 1950's-era, orange, General Electric (GE) C-7 1/2 lights.  The bulbs are AC (Alternating Current) and states on the box:  "If one goes out the, the rest stay lit."  I just love the vintage graphics on the box.

Above are scans from the side of a small cardboard Christmas ball box, containing blue Christmas balls no bigger than one inch in diameter.  (Must have gone for a very small tree!)  These balls are from the aluminum Christmas tree era.  (And yours truly does have an aluminum Christmas tree that is no more than one and half feet tall...that such small glass balls could have been decorated on.  Yep, rescued it from the curbside thrash over twenty-five years ago--and I still display it!)  The balls were known as Paragon Glass Christmas Tree Ornaments--American Made!  (Finding things "made in America" today sure is nostalgic!)  The locale for their manufacture was Lewiston, Maine.  Certainly a region that has experienced its fair share of white Christmases.  (The last white Christmas in Charlotte, North Carolina....was in 1947!) The box still contains the yellow K-mart pricetag of...only 27 cents!

*(UPDATE:  I originally published this particular webpage on December 1st, 2010.  Strangely enough, twenty-five days later...on the evening of Christmas snowed on Christmas Charlotte...for the first time...since 1947.  It was Charlotte's FIRST Bing Crosby "White Christmas"--in 63 years!!!  For a change, it's nice to be a contemporary history in the making!  Wow!)
Now, moving right along, ain't this a scrapbooker's paradise!  Found these at some estate sale, I seem to remember, many years ago.  And aren't these old Christmas gift tags and gummed seals a joy to look at!  (I just threw them on the scanner like that--no special program.)  Makes you want to get out and play your old Firestone/Goodyear/Andy Williams/Johnny Mathis Christmas albums!)  Yours truly has stacks and stacks of those old 33 1/3rpm "LP's" around here.  Never fear if you don't have any old Christmas vinyl records to play; your local Goodwill and Salvation Army Thrift Stores have plenty of them for sale.

Below is a matchbook cover from the 1950's that illustrates scenes from Charles Dickens' Christmas literary classic "A Christmas Carol," showing the characters of crotchety Ebenezer Scrooge, along with his hard-working underpaid clerk, Bob Cratchit.  For a story that starts out so somberly, the stunning colors on the graphics give this old matchcover a very warm and comforting Christmas glow.

Here's a postcard from circa 1910 showing a more humorous side to the Christmas Season:  the local constable having to take two "revelers" to the "calm down" tank!  It states:  "We Shall Not Be At Home This Christmas."

Here's a well-worn cover for Clement Moore's famous "Twas The Night Before Christmas."  It's a nice piece of lithography.

This is an American Red Cross Christmas seal from 1917...which was put on the back of an envelope, sent by John T. Ruppe, of Gaffney, South Carolina, to his son, Thomas E. Ruppe, also of Gaffney, who was then serving on the Western Front of France during the World War I year of 1918!  Click on the Christmas Seal below, and it will take to you to my webpage about Gaffney, South Carolina...and the wartime life of Thomas Ruppe, during World War I.  It's my most popular webpage--worldwide!

And well, here is a little bit of Carolina Christmas history after all...a business Christmas card from the Boling Chair Company of Siler City, North Carolina!  (Are they still in business?)  It states:  "To wish you the joys of the Season...and every happiness throughout the New Year."  Sounds like a good sentiment to me.  Have a safe and Merry Christmas Season y'all!

Just a small disclaimer here:  many of the ephemeral artifacts found on this website are now, due to age, in the public domain.  Items and quotes of a more recent vintage, that are used here in part for newsworthy commentary and/or educational purposes, are covered by the Fair Use Act of the US Copyright Office.  Thank you.

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