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Thanksgiving Postcards

Shown here are some vintage Thanksgiving and autumn-related postcards, along with other harvest-time paper ephemera, that I posted on my homepage for Thanksgiving, 2010.  I thought the items were so beautiful and nostalgic to behold, that I wanted to archive this page here within my website for future reference.  Most certainly this page will be more popular in the fall, but it will at least be here for anybody who has Thanksgiving memories and longings of this uniquely American holiday...anytime of the year--Dirk Allman

Thanksgiving Day Number!

The following are some nice old Thanksgiving postcards and other autumn ephemera from my personal collection.  They are quite nostalgic.  Enjoy viewing them (and other portions of my historical and culture-laden website) and have a Happy Thanksgiving season!

"Thanksgiving Greetings."  Here we have the traditional very fattened up turkey, along with the traditional autumn acorns.

"Best Wishes For A Happy Thanksgiving."  This is a more fantastical card of a turkey...pulling a young a "pumpkin chariot!"  It depicts the ribbon in her hair looking rather breezy, as if to be going fast in said chariot.  However, the turkey looks to be plodding more no hurry to get to the Thanksgiving table!

"Best Wishes For A Pleasant Thanksgiving."  Here is an early 19-teens postcard showing the "box kite" era of beginning flight!  (It was probably printed within less than ten years after the Wright Brothers flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina in 1903!)

"A Cheerful Thanksgiving."  I found this postcard in my late Uncle's house before it was torn down in 1987.  The house was built in 1913 in Kannapolis, North Carolina.

Postcard depicting the embarkation of the Pilgrims from England, July 20th, 1620.

Grain being reaped for the harvest, from an old stereoview card from either the late 1890's, or from the turn of the 20th century.  I've had this view since I was in high school.  I was into old paper ephemera even way back then.

Lithograph of harvest time from a Sunday School Scripture lesson card, circa the 1880's.

Small desk calender page from November, 1938, also rescued from my Great Uncle's house back in the 1980's.

An autumn postcard that very much articulates the Thanksgiving Season and fall in general: 

May all the days be

thankful ones

And may your whole life be

Rich as the golden harvest

That at Autumn time we see

Dirk Allman, of Carolina History Project, wishes one and all to have a very safe and pleasant Happy Thanksgiving Day! 

Just a small disclaimer here:  many of the ephemeral artifacts found on this website are now, due to age, in the public domain.  Items and quotes of a more recent vintage, that are used here in part for newsworthy commentary and/or educational purposes, are covered by the Fair Use Act of the US Copyright Office.  Thank you.
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